Youth Net Information

Youth Net History and Goals

Many of the educational programs on Youth Net, as well as the Youth Net server, are work of Linda Delzeit, who previously organized and managed Academy One(sm). The primary intention of Youth Net is to keep all of the K-12 educational programs free to schools and students.

Youth Net Can Be Home to Your Project

Youth Net desires to help educators and students turn their ideas from a local project into a global project. Since it is expensive to have a commercial service host your project, and even more expensive to place your own server online, Youth Net may be the desired home you seek. There are no fees to place your K-12 project here.

If you are interested in placing a new project here, please send us a complete description of your project along with a statement of ownership. Please note that there is no paid staff to operate Youth Net, and the number of projects that can be placed here may be limited by our available resources.

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