Study Questions for NEW WSI Written Final
Materials to use:
  1. Who is eligible to teach Safety Training for Swim Coaches?
  2. When do you need to show the Red Cross Swimming and Diving Video?
  3. How do you become reauthorized to teach?
  4. What is the requirement to be an instructor aide in a Learn to Swim class?
  5. What are the requirements for filling out a course record and submitting it?
  6. Know the contents of each of your new books and when each is designed to be used.
  7. When do you teach safety information and techniques?
  8. As a WSI, what can you teach?
  9. What are the minimum age requirements for all classes you can teach?
  10. What is the goal of each of the courses you can teach?
  11. What is the time requirements for each of the courses you can teach?
  12. What are the passing requirements for each of the courses you can teach?
  13. What is the minimum passing grade on any Red Cross written test?
  14. What factors influence learning?
  15. Review your motor learning notes and that in the new book.
  16. What is the difference between a block plan and a lesson plan?
  17. What is the minimum depth for teaching diving?
  18. How do you establish your home chapter?
  19. What is the duration of the Parent and Child class sessions?
  20. How many times can you submerge a very young swimmer who does not have breath control?
  21. What are you allowed to do when teaching strokes to disabled persons?
  22. Understand each of the following terms:
  23. Know the various methods of teaching.